Dummy Light

I noticed the car dummy engine light was on when I was about 4 blocks from the office and I remember being flogged without mercy when I drove with the engine light on once as a teenager so I turned around and went back and after doing some basic diagnostic stuff (you know, looking for the book that comes with the car) I decided to leave the car at the office and take MAX to the Expo Center and have Bob pick me up and deal with it tomorrow.

Bob knew a place close by so we got fairly bad Mexican takeout and when we got home VH1 had the 50 most awesomely bad songs on. We both agreed with most of them but the Bette Midler song got the loudest howls of agreement.

Yesterday started the 100 most metal moments and this is probably the greatest show on TV. I’m taping part 2 (80-61) tonight.

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