Organizational Machine

Excellent long weekend. Today was a cooking day and I made my super gumbo recipe. The one that takes half the day. It’s ready now, and smells too good. I just have to wait until half time … or do they call it something else in basketball? I also made cornbread. Yesterday I made cookies so I can have homebaked in my lunch and on Friday I make cream cheese brownies and a pot of soup. I’m done with cooking for at least a day or two. I finally upgraded my system software so I’m running 10.3.4 and I got the security patch. I also upgraded my stuffit and I read the ebook I bought about customizing Panther or Tiger or Wildcat or whatever the bitchin name of my OS is. Bob and I saw Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind in the theater — liked it a lot, didn’t love it and Phonebooth on DVD — it was fun but, um, what was the bad guy’s motivation again? We also got the yard cleaned up and mowed and weed-eated (thanks mostly to Bob) and I caught up on some odds and ends like writing a snail mail to Kim and cleaning out a couple of cupboards. And I read a story by Dave Eggers about climbing Kilimanjaro and I will state yet again, with great confidence, that I never want to take up mountain climbing. It’s such a relief to not have that on the list.

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