No Angel This Weekend

Major tragedy. Have I confessed how addicted I am to Angel? Meaning the TV series that just ended. (Pam’s review of series finale: “I wouldn’t have done it that way.”) If an Angel DVD is in the house I can do nothing else until I’ve watched at least one episode. I’ve been getting the discs from netflix and I’m on the last DVD for season 2. I finally decided to go ahead and order season 3 although I’m getting into some stuff I’ve already seen. I’ve barely seen any of the early Buffys so I’ve got plenty to look forward to. Today, the DVD arrived: broken and unwatchable. I’m so bummed. No Angel this weekend.

This weekend is great but lazy. Been sitting around reading and loafing. Did some errands. Dropped a couple hundred bucks at Bed Bath & Beyond. Seeing as I only go in there about once every five years I decided to get everything at one time. Bought new summer duvet and shams; complete new flannel set for winter on clearance — 1/2 off and a totally cool design not the usual ugly orange or pink flowers that they usually have on clearance. Bought extra pillow cases as all of ours are so old and worn you can see through them; new placemats — ours were in tatters AND new towels. I’ve never used anything so fluffy. Our old ones (dating from the late 80’s) are paper thin and unraveling. This is great.

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