Sounds Like Crying

You know when I saw the engine light on in my car I expected the very worst and then chided myself for overreacting. Any number of things can cause that light to go on. It doesn’t have to spell doom. Generally if I have to take my car in for a problem I expect it to cost $800. That way if it actually does cost $800 I can think: “I knew it.” And if it’s less, I can be relieved: “at least it’s not $800.” Also I bought an extended warranty so even in a worst case scenario, I figured I’d probably only have to pay the deductible and/or the testing fee. So after my initial panic attack I realized that really there was very little chance that this was going to be a disaster, which I why I did one of those laughs that sounds like crying when I found out that it was a $2,000 repair, only half of which was covered under warranty. The other half wasn’t even covered under the extended warranty. I won’t get into all the details of the doohickeys and whatsits that are haywire and all the phone calls that went back and forth between service-Pam-husband-service-husband-Pam. Toyota may still come through for me. The excellent folks at Broadway Toyota are helping me plead my case to Toyota to see if they will pick up the rest of the repair as a good faith gesture. The car only has 50K on it and it’s a known service issue. At the moment it’s unresolved but I think it’s all going to work out okay.

Meanwhile, I ordered a very cool Anthro computer cart for my eMac which I have needed since forever and never dealt with and finally decided that being miserably uncomfortable while doing something that I often do for hours a day was not a good thing. Here’s a picture close to what I ordered. I have to assemble it myself and it’s being delivered tomorrow so phone tomorrow afternoon if you want to hear me say bad words. ‘Easy to assemble’ is a euphemism for ‘will cause frustration and despair.’ Anthro sent me their print catalog and I noticed this in the photo and later found the picture on line. There’s a Karuk basket on the right side of the cart. Cool, eh?

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