After the Crud is Gone

According to the new blogger this is my 450th post. Who has read them all?

You know how when you get sick, the foods you ate before you got sick don’t sound so good? I read this thing about how this is a biological response b/c back in the prehistoric days when man didn’t have newspapers and TV to tell him what was bad for him, he learned what foods were bad by eating them, getting violently ill and then having a strong aversion to them ever after. So how this relates to me is I got sick on Sunday afternoon — just after my critical main weekend favorite snack food grazing period. All my favorites sound yucky. *AND* we had gone to a party and I drank primo keg Hefewizen. Now, a general list of foods that sound bad: cheese, crackers, nuts, tortilla strips, beer, strawberries, salad (carrots, etc. by themselves sound fine). This is a tragedy.

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