The Crud

I went down with some gruesome gastro-type virus on Sunday. The previous weekend we were in Seattle to see Spike Lee at the Paramount and to have Mothers Day with Bob’s family. I guess I never wrote about that. When we returned from Seattle, Bob went down with some crud and later we heard Steve and LeRoy (Denise’s dad LeRoy, not Uncle/Boss LeRoy) had gone down with it, too. Almost a whole week went by. I thought I’d ducked it but no. I did not. I won’t horrify you with the details but I’d miss this one if you can. I stayed home from work yesterday and seemed like a perfect time to watch the commentary track on my Lord of the Rings DVDs since I’ve never had the time to do that. Well, it’s not that I don’t have the time but if I’m going to spend time in front of the TV, generally I watch something that I haven’t already seen numerous times. Turns out there are FOUR (4!) commentary tracks on the DVD (FOTR). I picked the cast one and it was hilarious. I don’t see myself getting through all of them in this lifetime although I would like to hear Peter Jackson’s commentary. And then there are still another 2 movies. I haven’t even looked at the special features on Two Towers yet.

I’m feeling a lot better but my appetite is still wonky and not much sounds good. I’ve eaten two bowls of soup and a half an apple. I’m a little wobbly, to say the least. I brought my yoga clothes to the office and assumed I’d be going to class after work but then I was stapling some documents and had to sit down to rest and figured that would be my workout today.

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