Indians Love Carbs

I read something about poor old krispy crud can’t sell all the donuts from here to eternity because the “low carb” marketers are so successful with their stupid trend and people would rather gorge themselves on red meat and bacon. Thank God Indians LOVE carbs. For our working lunches at CDA casino Day #1 – we had 3 kinds of pasta with marinara and about 4 kinds of meat and I think a few bell peppers and mushrooms and super buttery bread — the early folks all took two or three pieces so I missed out — my flat ass is bummed. Day #2 if you guessed deli tray you are wrong! It was about 4 different variations on tortilla: actual steaming hot tortillas, tortilla chips, taco shells or taco salad shells with about 3 kinds of meat and some lettuce and stuff. And lots of cookies for dessert. And the bottomless glass of pop. Too bad I don’t drink it anymore.

I found this old post where I tried to make manapua. It’s hilarious. Recently, some random stranger emailed me for a bao bun recipe – apparently finding me via this post. Did he not read the whole thing?

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