Does that Sound Gilligan?

I have a bunch of notes of things — I’m just going to cram it into one theme-less entry. (ha ha)

I’m thinking of making a coconut cream pie. Does that sound Gilligan or what? I’ve never made anything like that but I like coconut and it sounds good and there’s a recipe in Cooks Illustrated last month. I don’t know. The writers group is coming over on Saturday but I already decided to make a different recipe: cream cheese brownies. I haven’t had those in forever and it sounds good. I’m also making chocolate chip cookies. I was going to make them the weekend I got sick and I don’t like any cookies except homemade anymore and in the afternoon I am always craving a few cookies. Today I had to settle for saltines.

Yesterday at the office we had a postage due package so I sat in the lobby with the postman while he sorted the mail so I could wait for our stuff. He asked what we did and I told him federal Indian law and he was interested and wanted to know what tribe I was and what sort of stuff that entailed. He asked if my tribe had a casino and I said no but they were working on one in the I-5 corridor and he said: so I guess you’ll be rich then. Is that really where we’re at? That the rest of the world assumes that Indians are rich from gaming? If interested, the National Indian Gaming Association has excellent statistics on Indian Gaming. Please check your stereotype. Thanks.

So Sopranos this week. aiee! We knew it was coming but it still hurt. I won’t post any spoilers here, but if you’ve seen it you know what I mean.

Finally, I went to breakfast this am with my college friend Woodward and I drank real grown-up coffee (about half a pot) and I can see why this is so addictive. I was on fire until about noon when I crashed big time.

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