Pick A Song

Bob gave me a bottlecap so I could get a free song from the Apple music store. There’s this song I heard on the radio a couple times several months ago and I never got what it’s called but I thought it might be by Good Charlotte so I listened to all the samples and that wasn’t it so I listened to samples by a bunch of bands that sound like Good Charlotte (and turns out there are a lot of them) and I couldn’t find my song. I’ve been looking for it for awhile. I gave up on that and looked at the top 100 lists in alternative, rock and pop to see if there was anything else that caught my eye. Number 12 on the rock list was Eye of the Tiger, Survivor. I remember that song from high school. How can that be number 12 now? That’s not the song I got. I picked “Clocks” by Coldplay.

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