Honk Honk

Yesterday there was some poor befuddled driver trying to get around downtown at the tail end of rush hour. I know he was befuddled because he was in front of me and very tentatively went to make a turn down the wrong way of a one way street. I helpfully honked which he apparently interpreted to mean “hurry up and turn” and off he went the wrong way. What else could I do? I heard other cars honking and I didn’t hear brakes squealing or metal crunching so perhaps it worked out okay. I never use my horn. I think that was the first time in this car. It’s not like it helps when traffic is screwed up and you never know what whacko lurks behind the wheel so you don’t want to honk at jerks because who knows what could happen?

Another thing I never do is return things. I don’t know why, it always embarrasses me. However, I bought this software which turned out to be total crap and I contacted the company yesterday to see what they could do for me. It appears they’re going to let me return it — on my own dime which is no problem. I bet I can send it back for about $3. They charged me, ahem, $9 for an item the size of a DVD.

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