We’ll Never Know

Here, learn about Cross Border Fraud. You know telemarketing scams and stuff like that. Some lady called the office and told me about all these outrageous fees I’m paying on my phone bill and I said, “How do you know?” and she said it was her job to know and did I want to hear about it or was she wasting her time. Can you guess what I told her?

I forgot to mention earlier that we finally saw The Man Who Wasn’t There which is strange even by Coen brothers standards. It’s — well — I’m trying to figure out how to sum it up in a few words and can’t quite come up with it. It’s filmed in black and white and looks amazing and the performances are excellent but the story is a big downer with this guy making one mistake that takes down everybody and along with that a UFO micro-subplot. I asked Bob “what are they trying to say?” and he said we’d probably never know.

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