I Don’t Know What To Tell You

Yesterday I did my summer clothes shopping in about 15 minutes at The Rack. I found 2 pairs of generic shorts and one pair that’s a sort of peach color that normally I would never wear. I also got a shirt with a fairy tale theme and all kinds of sequins on it. I got 6 things for $75 so I thought I did pretty good.

This morning I got up early and did a 3 hr. yoga workshop with Bob Smith and Ki McGraw which was excellent and just what I needed. There was an accident on the freeway this morning and it took me about 25 minutes to just get on the freeway — during that time I almost changed my mind and went home so I’m glad I stuck it out.

We just got back from seeing The Hulk. Boy, I don’t know what to tell you. This is an odd one. The film-making is great and I liked the special effects — esp. that stuff in San Francisco. But, I don’t know. It’s worth checking out just keep an open mind.

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