A lot of activity around here lately. Bob’s last day of school was on Friday and he had graduation so it was an 8am to 10pm day. I ran errands and did some yardwork. I got a couple more plants for the yard. I’d like to buy more but I need to figure out what I need first. I hate to just buy a bunch of stuff and have it sitting here wilting on the porch. Also I went to David’s last yoga class. I took two months off from class in the Spring and when I came back there were new teachers and other teachers gone and a new system with class cards and news that David was leaving. I didn’t go to his class very often and I should have because I need that kick in the butt to push myself to do the harder stuff. My home practice is regular but lazy. So I had a good practice on Friday which I can still feel and I did a good practice myself the past two days plus several long walks. I will fit into my summer clothes before August if I can keep this up.

On Saturday our next door neighbors moved and about 15 minutes later a FOR RENT sign went up. This doesn’t have to mean the clanging chimes of doom but we talked to the next door neighbor on the other side and she wasn’t pleased. Also on Saturday I had the writers group over and baked scones.

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