Is It Supposed to Taste Like This?

Today around lunch time there was a teeny, tiny earthquake — just a quick jolt. Long enough for the brain to process “hey, this is an earthquake” and create a pounding heartbeat — and my well-trained instincts had my shoes on, purse in hand and braced in the doorway just in time for it all to be over. Except I thought it might be just a pre-quake and I was ready just in case …

I have my car back and boy have I missed it. It has seatbelts but still no stereo. They didn’t get the right part and I’ve never heard back so I suppose I’d better get on the horn tomorrow and find out what’s going on.

I’m drinking some of the Jack that we bought for the no-show Joey — it smells like nail polish remover. Is it supposed to? Raise of hands? I suppose I’d better get used it if I’m going to Vegas next week.

Lots to do this weekend. Call it the weekend of loose ends.

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