Broken Things

I still don’t have a car stereo and have come to the conclusion that Vancouver Toyota is lame and that I need to find a new dealer to take care of my car’s service-ing. Bob picked up the car last week and didn’t find out until then that they didn’t have the right part. Then I’ve never heard another word. Also, a part from the seatbelts — a plastic cover thing was missing and they were going to order that. I left a message yesterday and never heard back. Not too impressive in the communication department. I hate this stuff where you have to get mad and throw a fit in order to get customer service. It’s like the lesson is if you are patient and polite you’re screwed.

This morning I was unhappy to find out that both of our suitcases are broken. That would have been nice to know earlier. I have to re-think all my packing now.

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