Tooth Care

I can’t remember if I told you or not but Walker gave me the soundtrack to The Two Towers and I’ve listened to it about 100 times. I love it.

The frames of my favorite glasses broke. They’re at least 4 years old and maybe more like 6 and I always get complements on them. I’m bummed. But I’m going to tape them together and use them as my night table glasses. I can tell I need to go to the eye doctor. My eyes get tired after a long day of working/writing. I finally went to the regular doctor to get my annual check up which has been 2 years and I have a dentist appointment in two weeks. My dentist is out in Beaverton which is one of my least favorite places to go but I love her and I’ve been seeing her a long time so I have put up with it and I just got a notice that she’s leaving the office. I talked to Bob about changing dentists to find one that’s more conveniently located and then heard a horror story of how he’s never had the same person clean or examine his teeth at his place and I figured I’d stick where I am. I like the continuity and also it seems like whenever you see a new dentist they always find a lot of work to do.

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