Please Try Harder

I was going to go and find my notes from that Blazer game from a 100 years ago because I said I was going to write something about it and I still haven’t done it but I think the moment has passed. I’m just going to ramble about my day(s).

I programmed a Christian station into my car radio because it’s commercial free and 9 out of 10 times I like the sound of the songs better than anything else that’s on the radio. I’m not sure if this has some greater meaning or not. I’m not particularly Christian except that I celebrate Christmas and mainly because the rest of my family does.

I have discovered a new drink for me. I’ve never been a huge hard alcohol fan although I usually like tequila. But generally I’m a beer or wine drinker. I didn’t know this until I moved up here but apparently California and Nevada are the only states that don’t have special state run liquor stores so I grew up where you pick up your tequila at the grocery store. Anyway, we inherited some scotch and I discovered I really, really like scotch. So I finally finished the inherited bottle and I went to the downtown state run liquor store and it’s this square box with booze on the walls and the middle more or less empty except for some displays and mixers and mini-bar bottles. Bleak fluorescent lighting, institutional linoleum flooring. Other than the cashier, I was the only woman in there and the only person not wearing jeans and a flannel shirt. If I was the hard alcohol industry, I’d be lobbying to abolish this system.

I went to see Two Towers again on Friday. I went to the last Friday matinee and the show has moved to a smaller theater but there were few people there and I slid into one of the best seats in the house: middle row, middle. A few more people trickled in. And then a small child and two adult males who looked like they’ve spent the better part of the last 10 years eating big macs come in and file into the row behind me and all thump their feet onto the seat backs in my row, jarring me in my seat. They talk loudly before the movie starts and all through the commercials and trailers while jiggling my seat. I figured they’d have to quiet down for the movie. HA HA. So I had to move seats when the movie started — which threatened to spoil my Frodo moment — and I move up several rows and end up next to some poor guy, apparently with a respiratory problem who was snoring. Is it too much to ask to be able to enjoy a movie? What is wrong with people? The same Friday I was at Hazel Dell Fred Meyer and some goofy couple was there with a kid and seemed to think that the entire store was interested in everything they had to say and they had some horrible gadget to make noise — I guess to entertain the kid — and you could hear it through the entire store. I just wish people would try harder.

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