I Am Unglued

How do people go on trips all the time and here I am coming apart at the seams? I think it’s the preparations and taking off and then returning and cleaning up over and over for the past several weeks. We just got back from High Sierra last Sunday and Weds I am leaving for LA. I went to the mall over the weekend to try to pick up a last few things and struck out so tonight I went to downtown Portland to do the same. I had a bit of luck but just got home at 9:15pm and I haven’t eaten and the yard should be watered and all I want to do is guzzle some refreshing adult beverages and hit the couch (which is what I will end up doing.) I still have people to call and loose ends that need to be tied up. I still haven’t gotten my reimbursement from work travel way back in May (9 weeks later — how come the US Treasury can seemingly cash my tax check mere moments after I’ve mailed it — yet it takes this long to get my travel reimbursement?) and we just got our first Verizon bill and it looks totally screwed up unless I totally misunderstood what we signed up for. argh. I just made my Avis car rental reservation — it was going to cost $70 more to do it over the phone than it cost online. I don’t understand how things work.

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