Yesterday I went to Lloyd Cinema to see Episode II again (#4 if you’re counting). Turns out I-5 was closed between the 405 split and … I don’t know, somewhere after that. So I had to get off and Portland Ave. and take MLK to get there — there may have been a faster way but I did not know it then. So I was totally late and now that the movie is only playing on about 4 screens in town, I guess there is no need for the 20 minutes of trailers so we ended up missing the first 10 minutes of the movie.

Then again today I went to Lloyd Center only this time I was meeting Bob during a break from this conference he’s attending. We had a yummy lunch at Yuki and finally bought a new strainer thing at Kitchen Kaboodle. We use our strainer at least once a day and I broke the handle off the old one not to mention it is sort of falling apart so we were in dire need. The cashiers at KK were out to lunch. Then we went to the bakery on Broadway and I thought I should apologize to the woman who waited on us for disturbing her — I don’t know what else she needed to do, but helping us with our damn loaf of bread seemed to cause her a great deal of inconvenience. The guy at the bookstore who took our money was quite friendly and chatty.

In the past week I came across 3 different people on phone customer service who were completely chatty and had a sense of humor and helped me with my reservation or whatever my problem was. Also I’ve noticed people at the bank(s) (work=BofA, personal=WAMU) that I go to are almost always friendly and ask me about my day and what I’m up to. You never know what you’re going to get and I’d like to point out that it doesn’t take any longer to be nice than it does to be an auto-matron, or a surly bastard.

I’m going to take Zadie Smith, White Teeth, to LA with me this weekend. I’ve wanted to read it for a long time. I’ve got to drag my sorry ass to bed now, I’m tired. I was the human weed-eater this morning and cleaned out a huge patch of weeds plus the whole area along the fence and I tidied up the garden and harvested some peas, beans, raspberries plus I cleaned vegetables for salad AND I have identified the mystery item in the garden: tomatillos. I guess I must have composted some of the ones Mom gave me last summer.

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