Pre-Trip Chaos

I think I’m pulling it together. It’s 7:30pm now and I’ve already done my last store run and got my cash and although I haven’t actually packed, I’ve been packing in my head for several days so it’s just a matter of pulling the stuff together. I leave for LA at the crack of dawn and pick up the car (a groovy Pontiac Grand Am — stylin’) around 9am and then zoom off to Santa Barbara — I don’t think I’ve done that drive since the last SB Gal reunion in SB which was … I can’t remember. Probably before I got married so at least 6 years ago. I’m going to go to campus for the nostalgia stroll and visit Maria at the library. The whole weekend is going to be the nostalgia stroll because I’m going to visit Agoura High and drive past my old houses.

There are still a few loose ends I hope to tie up tonight but whatever, I can amuse myself in LA any number of ways.

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