Swimming Downstream

I’m on this quest to make my yard look better — but I’m not really making the time commitment. I’m on the half-assed quest to make my yard look better. I call myself “the 15 minute gardener” and see an infomercial on this sometime soon. On Friday I went and bought some more plants and various support materials. I put it all in except for one plant that I wanted to put in the backyard and sort of forgot about. (I was emphasizing front yard this weekend.) So at the end of the day yesterday I put the last plant in and during XFiles I realized I didn’t splash any water on the poor thing and even though I heard it was going to rain, you never know what that forecast means around here, so I ran out in the dark and watered it. About 1/2 hour later I heard the sky open up and it started pouring. The entire yard was swimming downstream.

All my shows are winding down for the season. I watched the XFiles finale last night and while I won’t ask for 2 hours of my life back, I’m not sure I was left satisfied. They supposedly explained everything and I couldn’t follow it to save my life. And I know they want to do movies, so I knew the end would have to leave the door at least halfway open. I have Angel tonight and Buffy tomorrow and then I’m done. I like having the summer off although usually I’m glad again in the fall when my shows come back. I think I’ll use summer for catching up on movies and HBO shows.

Last week when I was checking out of the Quinault Beach Resort I noticed they had flat screen terminals and it occurred to me that this is going to be one of those things someday very soon where we say, “remember when computer screens and TV screens used to be fat and gigantic?” Bob and talked about other things that are almost completely gone like black and white TV and record players. I can already talk like an old timer.

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