Attack of the Clones

I bought my ticket for the Thursday 10 am show the weekend before and Wednesday night I had this dream that I woke up and it was 11 am. I was SO BUMMED. I was walking around going, “I can’t believe I missed the movie.” I was trying to figure out if I should just take the whole day off and see an afternoon show or maybe go to an evening show. I was relieved when I woke up even though it was like, 4 am and a wee bit too early to get up.

Here are some Star Wars cartoons. Some of them are funny.

I got to the theater a little less than an hour early and there was a line but nothing crazy. The guy in front of me had already seen the midnight show. I thought about it but that’s way past my bed time and I can’t sit in the dark in the middle of the night and not think about sleeping — even for Star Wars. Inside, the theater was full but not packed. For the most part, everyone looked like completely normal people, about my age, and a few brought kids. The guy sitting next to me did have his light saber and I wished I’d brought mine.

I was going to do a review with spoilers but I changed my mind. I have avoided everything — I saw a couple of trailers but that’s it. I didn’t read anything or watch anything discussing the movie and I’m glad because there are some cool surprises and afterwards when I read the reviews they talk about a lot of that stuff.

From a fan perspective I loved it or even LOVED it but I didn’t *LOVE* it. The Star Wars geeks online say it gets better when you’ve seen it a few times and I plan to test this theory. I did *LOVE* the entire last half battle scenes and left the movie pretty amped.

I thought about seeing the movie again today but I have a soccer game (US v. Holland) starting in a little while and have 2 hours of XFiles tonight so my watching day is completely filled up. But soon, very soon.

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