Politely Hostile

Does anyone else feel their username/password situation getting out of control? I try to keep things grouped thematically and keep them the same but I’m starting to lose it and am wondering what’s going to happen if I get hit on the head or something.

Not too long ago I was at the bank and there was this lady who appeared to have challenges of both mind and body. She was trying to make a withdrawal and of course she didn’t have an account number and it wasn’t her normal branch so no one recognized her and she fussed about getting out her ID. In the meantime there’s a gigantic line. The teller was politely hostile. The teller was finally able to get her account info and announced that she had: $6.31 in the account. The lady says to go ahead and give it all to her. The teller says, “Is a five and a one okay?” Completely hilarious.

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