How To Have Style

Not too long ago I was in a bookstore waiting for someone and had enough time to browse a lot more carefully than normal. I found this book about fashion and style and since I still want to improve my style even though I don’t put any effort into it — I scanned this book for quick tips. The first one was, “You can’t have style if you’re shopping on your lunch hour.” Oh, so that’s my problem. Apparently to have style you have to spend lots of time in shops and I loathe shops so there’s a bit of a problem there.

This week I went to the Rack — not on my lunch hour but in the hour between after work and before yoga class — and I tried on a bunch of stuff and even bought things not-black. But that isn’t the story. The story is while I was in the dressing room I overhead two women talking and one said, “This is so last season.”

How do you know if it’s last season?

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