Airport Travel

I’m back. Everything on the trip to Oklahoma went smoothly. Yes, I had to sit in the back row or middle seats on the flights, but everything was on time and safe so we’ll just leave it at that. Security is interesting. At PDX on Thursday morning you really did need the full 2 hours for check in. Our flight left at 8:10a and we got to the aiport at about 6:15a and we still had to take cuts in the security line to get on our plane in time. At PDX we walked through the thing, they wanded us and patted us down. In Oklahoma City we just went through the thing. In Denver they were doing random wanding at the gate. Also my ID was checked at least 15 times with my ticket and not one person ever looked at my face to see if it matched the ID. I think that’s a flaw.

The Conference was super fun and I have lots of notes but I’m still a little frazzled catching up from things when I was gone, so more later.

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