I tried to do this last night and after I had my thing all typed up I accidentally clicked “back” and it all went away.

I’m going to Oklahoma today for RTG and I’ve been rushing around trying to get my act together. I need to bring more stuff than fits in my “tiny” travel bag — but not really enough to fit in the gigantic bag. We have no medium bag. So I’m bringing extra shoes and warm things since I’m paranoid about being cold. Probably no blog until I get back.

I’m forgetting the stuff about our itinerary getting completely “adjusted” by United — I can’t believe they didn’t expect me to be upset that instead of getting home at 6pm I was getting home at 11:30pm on Sunday. I still have to fly through Seattle but they did get me out earlier. We still have a 4 hour delay in Denver today. But — I see it all as catching up on my reading time.

I’ve gotta run, more later.

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