Friendly But Worthless

Today I went to the mall to try to get a few things for fall. I’m not going back to school, but I’m going back to cooler weather. I still have a hard time finding anything that fits. Petites are a wee bit wee, regulars are baggy and need 8 inch hems and Juniors large is way too small. Where are the clothes for the girls like me? I got a couple of pairs of pants for my hours of trouble. I still need tops and shoes. I had a miserable experience buying shoes. I was the only person in the store but could this gal have been any less interested in helping me find something that worked? She was friendly but useless.

In the meantime, we’re having a plumbing issue downstairs. When I got home Bob announced that we were getting a new water heater installed next week ($350). I asked him if he remembered that when we bought the house we’d signed up for a program where you pay extra on your electric bill and then the power company bails you out if your hot water heater goes? I’m not clear on the program exactly and am almost certain it sounds better than it is — but regardless, this had completely vacated Bob’s memory and I had to dig around in our files until I found proof on paper. So now we have the power company coming out to look at our water heater and hopefully save us a bundle.

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