Work It Out

I can’t remember if I put this up here or not — but when I did the bridge walk, I saw the signs they have on the upper level of the Fremont Bridge. It’s the phone number for suicide hotline. Now let’s think about this for a minute. You are in deep despair, you decide to end it all. You stop on the Fremont Bridge. You see the sign. But you don’t have a phone. And you don’t have a piece of paper to write the number on. And, the signs haven’t been updated for 10 digit dialing. Wouldn’t you just throw yourself off the bridge?

Saturday Soccer Day

On Saturday morning Bob and I went downtown. Bob intended to go to Powell’s technical to see some computer head guy. I intended to go to Kells to watch the Germany v. England World Cup qualifier. I had called the bar to confirm that they were showing the game.

We wanted to have breakfast first at the Bijou Cafe – which Bob says is very yummy. I’ve never been there. Well must be since at 8:15 am there was an hour wait and a million people crammed into a waiting area the size of a broom closet. I don’t know if it’s age or what but there is very little in this life that I want to stand around waiting for.

We decided to try our luck elsewhere and happened to walk by Kells and figured we’d see about their breakfast. Great idea except that the Norway v. Ireland soccer match was on and, oh yeah, a $20 cover charge! Yes, they wanted $20 to watch the games. You think that might have been pertinent information when I called about the match.

We went home to see about pay per view but AT&T is completely worthless for anything except raising their rates. I called to ask and the guy is like, “Do you know what time?” I tell him. “Do you know what channel?” What kind of idiot does this guy think I am? So we didn’t get to watch the game or see the computer guy at Powells. On the plus side, I did not drink a gallon of beer before noon and thus render myself useless for the rest of the day.

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