A Day in the Life of Pam

A week or so ago I read in the paper about the alternatives to Napster. I’m not a big music fiend like I was once upon a time, but I am curious about this whole music online scene so I saved the article and yesterday I visited a couple of the URLS in the article. I became interested in Gnutella [I love Nutella] and Mactella so I decided to download and check out. Except I need to upgrade my OS because I am still using 8.5.

I have OS 9 just never got around to installing it (to quote Kenman, I haven’t wanted to spend one of my Saturday’s saying “shit”) so I Disk Doctored and backed up and zapped my PRAM and rebuilt my desktop and finally I’m ready for my upgrade — except there is no disk in the box.

Bob thinks I have the disk so I clean off my bookshelves, my computer/junk cupboard and my closet. In my closet I found a box with old letters and cards I’ve saved over the years — omigod, I didn’t know I still had half that stuff. I had cards from guys I don’t remember ever exchanging cards with. Akka sent me newspaper articles from UCSB when Javier was AS president that I didn’t remember having. I have letters that are over 20 years old. (Julie Kaufer and Lisa Pine, are you out there?) So from Napster to memory lane, that was my day. And I never found the system disk so I’m still using 8.5.1

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