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Search Strings

A selected list of actual search strings that ended up at my website:

–quotes freaks and geeks farting in bed (oddly this one came up twice)

–arco gas station pay inside buy food (what was s/he looking for?)

–bang trim tip (can you learn to cut hair from a website?)

–big gollz (was this due to a funkz German kezboard?)

–billy barquin (stalker or ego surfing?)

–dropkick imac (wow, others want to dropkick their unruly technology)

–filmpark babelsberg berlin (yay, I hope they go there)

–how can i tell if buttermilk is bad (this one shows up every month)

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The Post You’ve Been Waiting For

Okay, now what you were waiting for … a post about rhubarb. When I started my garden several years ago, I mentioned to Auntie that I had a bunch of random chard growing in my yard and she said it sounded like rhubarb, she’d never see chard volunteer before. Thank God I never tried to eat it since it is rhubarb and the leaves are totally toxic. Every year my little rhubarb has sprouted out and every year I’ve ignored it. This year it was huge and I harvested some and made rhubarb brown betty. Turns out rhubarb comes from a rhizome, which I learned from rhubarb info.com and I can divide my root mass and get lots more rhubarb. Billy says in Wyoming rhubarb grows like weeds. I’m going to divide my rhubarb and grow tons until people are stopping by, begging for my rhubarb and the brown betty recipe.

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