Window Washer

A couple of weeks ago when I was at the office all by myself I heard thumping outside.

They wash the windows outside at least a couple of times a year plus they send us a notice when it’s going to happen so it wasn’t a complete surprise. But it’s still a little unnerving to see some guy hanging from a rope swinging back and forth and scrubbing your windows.

I guess they had to finish the next day and the washers were out there in the early morning in the dark. I hope they get paid well.

The other thing about this picture is my diplomas. A college diploma and my paralegal certificate. I asked the law clerk if I should throw them away when I retire.

She was horrified. But no one has ever asked me for them or looked at them. If if they did, it was 25 years ago.

Not retiring yet so I can decide later.

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