The Best Shoes Ever

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At some point this summer I turned a corner when it comes to comfortable shoes.

I loved a stiletto heel back in the day (the 80s) and don’t remember complaining about heels in general.

But for many years now I have prioritized comfort over fashion so I don’t have uncomfortable shoes anymore.

One day, I realized my “athletic” shoes were ancient and needed replacing. I put athletic in quotes because I don’t do anything athletic in them. Walking around the neighborhood and including a hill is my big workout.

I went to a shoe store with the word “comfort” as part of their logo. There, they have people who know what they’re doing to help you find something good. The shoes they recommended are brilliant. They are New Balance and I think maybe subtitled something like: Comfort Foam. I did not understand how comfortable shoes could be until I bought these.

Shortly after that I had a gift card that needed to be used and I got another pair of amazing slip-on shoes No laces. Super comfy (Ecco).

Now my shoes must be at the highest level of comfort. I want my feet encased in super soft but also supportive pillows. They can look dowdy. Don’t care.

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