Pie and Tartlet

Throughout the year I keep a file on my phone where I jot down any ideas (I think “capture” is the word the kids use these days. I capture any ideas…) that I get for a post. It’s more like files, really. On my phone, on my laptop, on the desktop of my home computer. In a text file on the office computer. On an actual scrap of paper or little notebook I keep by the bed.

I even bought a note taking app so I could use hashtags and sync my notes over all my devices except the app maker stopped support for everything but the latest operating systems and a few years ago I gave up updating my operating system every year. It seemed like a giant project that didn’t measurably improve my life. Dumped that app and use Apple notes.

My laptop uses an ancient operating system because I have some old programs that won’t run on new ones.

Back to my blog post notes. I keep them but rarely use them. Until November.

Then, when I’m committed to 30 in 30, I search the notes and inevitably the note will say something like: clock tower, funny bird, 2 cars.

I won’t remember what that means.

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