Short Books

This bus was parked by my bus with the “wrong code” display for a couple of days in a row. Every once in a while the bus will show up downtown with the wrong display and we give the driver a hard time (in a teasing way.)

Sometimes I intentionally pick shorter books to read — it’s the same feeling of accomplishment as reading a long book but doesn’t take as long. You can make progress on the to read pile. You can jump into the world of a book and then be done and jump into a new one in a day or two.

Here are some ideas for short books:

Elizabeth Strout is a great writer and her novels are usually pretty quick. Example: My Name is Lucy Barton

T Kingfisher — I just finished What Moves the Dead which is delightfully creepy and quick to read. Nettle and Bone is also really good.

Seanan McGuire — the Wayward Children books. I don’t know how many there are. I’ve read at least 5. They are about the children in portal stories where the portal doesn’t always lead to some magical place where they save the day and all their dreams come true.

Martha Wells – Murderbot — I think there are 5 and a 6th one coming out any minute. If you haven’t read Murderbot, drop everything and go find a Murderbot book. The first one is All Systems Red. The books are funny with action and set in space. I would start re-reading all the books this second if I didn’t have 300 books in my to read pile.

Becky Chambers – Monk & Robot books. I’m reading #2 right now. The Ted Lasso of speculative fiction books. Of the first one I said, “If a book was a cup of hot soup and a buttered roll on a cold winter’s night, this would be it.”

If I was clever I would link these to something but I am writing all these posts in about 3 minutes so they are slopped together. xo!

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