The One With The Fat Test

This is, L to R, Cookie and Summer, my sister’s dogs. They are not especially fond of each other but here they are being good dogs.

When I was younger, lets say teens to mid-thirties, I was endlessly unhappy with my weight. Over the years I had any number of terrible ideas about losing weight and inspiring myself to get fit.

I randomly remembered wanting to get my body fat tested. There used to be a gym by my old office (this was in the 90s) and for some reason I arranged to have my body fat measured there. I went into the pool and somehow they measured it that way.

Everything about this is sad: Why would I do this? What benefit did I expect from having this information? I must have had to pay to get this done. I wasn’t a member of this gym. I would have liked to but it was clubby and super expensive. If the gym did it for me, they must have done it for other people. Maybe gyms still do this now, I don’t know. Why was this a thing? It just seems unnecessary and unhelpful.

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