Sandwich Nubbin

Sometimes I come out of my room to find that I have been left a sandwich nubbin.

My husband loves sandwiches and he is very creative at making his own. He can take almost any kind of random bread product and leftover and shape it into a sandwich.

He likes to leave me a small portion for my own lunch.

Often they are delicious. Sometimes they are a little too busy for me.

He especially likes mustard(s), pickles, and cheeses plus lunch meat(s). In his book there can never be too many flavors.

Here is the sum up of NaNoWriMo:

25502 / 25000 words. 102% done!

I made my goal. It isn’t pretty but I kept up my efforts. It’s still not the end of the month and I thought about moving my goal to 30k. But I don’t have the time or energy for extra credit right now so I’m going to call it good.

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