The Sad Closet

These are the very last of the summer tomatoes. They don’t taste great and the texture is not good either. But seeing these little reminders of summer on the windowsill when I get up in the morning makes me happy.

I am running out of steam on this post every day stunt but I am so close to the end I’m going to power out the few last posts.

Over 20 years ago I did a post very similar to this. Nothing changes.

At various times I get this idea that I am going to improve my style. As in my fashion look.

But I hate shopping and no one ever sees me. People don’t come to our office and I don’t go out and talk to people. I suppose that brings up another idea of who benefits from nice fashion? On one level – shouldn’t I just be happy to look nice and not care if people are seeing me? But also, if you’re going to spend money and chase after a look, don’t you want someone to notice?

Back in the day when you had to go to stores, I didn’t love shopping and the Internet shopping hasn’t made it any better. You can’t see how things hang or get a feel for the fabric and obviously the fit. Plus if things don’t work you have to send them back which for me is a big pain I would rather avoid. That leads to me hanging up clothes that I don’t like and either guilt-wearing them or shoving them in the donation bag after some time has passed.

To be fair, it’s also led to me loving clothes that I would never have picked in other circumstances.

I am wearing the same boring office slacks, long sleeved t-shirts, and cardigans that I have worn for years. Why change now? It looks nice but doesn’t take too much time to figure out what to wear each day.

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