Island Waters

This is from the scenic trolley ride we did. At one point we rounded the bend and it was blue water, white froth and chunky brown rock as far at the eyes could see. I practically cried it was so beautiful.

It was an open air trolley which was nice although I didn’t think my hair was ever going to be the same. I didn’t bring any products so my hair was super frizzy as it was and after the wind swept ride, I looked like I slept under a bridge. But happy.

On trolley day we stopped at Kahala Mall to look for a muumuu for Mom. It was almost as grim as any mall you’ve been in lately. I keep saying this but I don’t think I will ever be over the death of retail. Remember when going to the mall was an event? Shopping? Food court? Seeing people from school. When we were kids, my sister and I once saw the actress who played Cindy Brady at the mall (Canoga Park, CA). We were beside ourselves for days.

We were all hungry and Bob found a ramen place that was amazing. We really didn’t eat any bad food the entire time we were there. There were a couple of weak breakfasts but they weren’t bad.

Did you know an acai bowl is basically fruit sorbet but they sprinkle bee pollen and add fresh fruit to make it seem healthy? I don’t know what I thought it was, but not that. It was delicious and I am in favor of any sugar laden treat branded as a healthy breakfast.

We did find Mom more of a summer cover up than a true muumuu but it worked for her.

This was a side order of pineapple that I asked Bob to pick up so Mom and I could get our fill. He was going through the take out bag and checking the contents and when he opened this we all gasped. We ate it for three days enjoying the last little nubbins on the morning we left.

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