Island Adventures

Waikiki Beach through the trees. We were on a trolley so most of my scenic photos are worthless.

We didn’t have a lot of big plans. Mostly we wanted to enjoy relaxing in the island breeze.

One day we went to the Honolulu Art Museum which is beautiful.

Mom touched the art. Twice!! At one point I turned around and she was opening the drawer on an ancient bedazzled bureau. I told her not to touch the art or we would get kicked out of there. She said she wanted to see if it was made well.

Little peek of Hanauma Bay State Park

In the afternoon I went swimming at a place called Magic Island Beach in Ala Moana Park. I did not bring my phone because it was hot and sunny and I didn’t want to leave it when I jumped in the water otherwise I would have taken a photo of the megayacht.

Swimming was amazing. I can’t even remember the last time I swam in the ocean. Maybe it was in 2011 when I went to San Diego — I remember sitting on the beach but I don’t remember getting in the water. But if not then, honestly, I might have been the last time I was in Hawaii which was 1986.

(It was an epic trip that couldn’t happen these days. I went with my high school friends, most of them still minors. HAHA! I rented a car at 18. I could buy alcohol at 18. We were perfectly behaved angels.)

I sure hope another 40 years don’t go by before I swim in the ocean again because I will be extremely old.

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