Island Beer

I saw that the bar had something called cocoweizen. A hefeweizen with roasted coconut.

Definitely worth trying out of curiosity but I don’t think a night out drinking this would end well.

We also had to get the traditional mai tai one night. That was quite a drink. It would definitely put hair on your chest. I brought them upstairs and we enjoyed the sunset with our drinks.

This is the cocoweizen mascot. I like it.

Have you ever heard of the green flash? “The green flash is a meteorological optical phenomena that sometimes occurs around the moment of sunset or sunrise.”

Eons ago I remember reading about it in a magazine. I think it was Reader’s Digest which I subscribed to in high school. That’s how long ago. The author of the article made it sound like a rare spectacle and for whatever reason I remembered it while I was sitting there watching the sunset one night.

I didn’t expect to see anything which is why I was surprised when I did see a quick green flash.

I told Mom about it but the next 2 nights the conditions weren’t right and the last night we were out have a delicious fish dinner at Paia Fish Market so only that one sighting.

But every sunset was beautiful. We were also treated to the evening tiki lighting and conch ritual (scroll down) which was fun.

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