Island Double Rainbow

Happy Thanksgiving!

This was the last morning of our visit. We had a beautiful double rainbow while we finished the last of the pineapple and ran around trying to pack up all our stuff.

Feels like a good omen for the next year.

I also hiked across the airport to buy 2 fresh pineapples to bring home. I can’t believe there wasn’t a line around the building to pick these up. I guess they were expensive but when are you going to get fresh Hawaiian grown pineapple again? I looked at the pineapple at the grocery store and if I understand the label correctly, those were grown in Central America. Fresh pineapple is fresh pineapple and delicious but Hawaiian pineapple is extra delicious.

We are planning a very quiet Thanksgiving here. Wishing you the best where ever you are and whatever you do. xo

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