More Random Round Up

I think this photo came from Orleans, possibly on the river.

I’ve gotten to the age where’s tough to find a photo of myself where I don’t have a lot of chins. That’s the terror of accidentally hitting the selfie button on my phone — I end up with an amazing view of all my chins. Not my best side.

Every once in a while I will learn a digital tip or find an app and feel like it’s going to change my life. Like when you’re shopping and find a gadget or something you think will transform you into a new person but eventually, it’s like everything else and you have to deal with yourself the way you are.

I very rarely watch more than 2 hours of TV in one sitting. That’s all the time I have after dinner and I hardly ever watch TV at other times. It never fails that I end up with 3 episodes to finish a season or a series. And you know how the penultimate episode always leaves you hanging? Then I either have to go to bed in suspense or try to stay up late to finish the show.

There is a Dutch Brothers coffee place and a Popeyes restaurant on the way to Dad’s retirement home. We often count how many cars are waiting at either spot. There is almost always a staggering amount. Especially Dutch Brothers – and I’m never there in the morning. People love their afternoon coffee.

I have used a drive-thru one time since I can remember. I was bringing Dad back from an appointment and it was easier than trying to get him out of the car. I don’t like drive thrus. I think it’s because I worked the Jack-in-the-Box drive-thru in high school and I have biased feelings about it.

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