Long Weekend

This guy chased the bunny around the yard, goofed at the camera but also was afraid of it, and then had trouble with his bath.

There is a vacation rental across the street and before it was a rental, the owner lived there and they rarely do anything with the yard. The theme was neglect. It was sad because the previous owners did a lot with the yard and had flowers. All gone now.

Today, at about 8:30a three trucks came in and they weed-eated and hedge-whacked and pruned and leaf blew for hours. They had a huge crew and I can’t even imagine how that many people kept busy for so long.

I have a little bit of use it or lose it leave time so I took an extra long weekend.

It has gone by so fast. I did a mixture of chores and lazy things. I watched all the men’s gymnastics coverage from the recent US championships. I haven’t watch men’s gymnastics in ages and I don’t understand why this sport isn’t bigger. Amazing athletics. I did lots of walks. I read 2 New Yorkers because the week before last arrived late. I made some whole wheat sandwich bread and a peach pie. Both came out great.

Now, I’m trying to take care of computer stuff that I’ve been putting off and every time I sit down I remember why I put it off.

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