Tacoma, Part 1

I feel like it’s optimistic that I will get back here and finish up the Tacoma trip — but I will try. I want to keep this short because I only have another couple hours to get out in the yard and I know I won’t want to get on the computer after I’m done.

This is the train station in Vancouver. While you wait you get to watch the metal recycler work. On our day a guy was playing the banjo as accompaniment. I was sorry we left before they ripped apart the school buses.

Bob and I did a quick trip to Tacoma for our anniversary.

Telling people you are going to Tacoma is like telling people you are going to Belgium.

They say, why?

People, Tacoma and Belgium are both awesome. (Here’s a post from Belgium, 2014)

There are lots of museums, fun restaurants, and a lovely waterfront. It’s easy to get around and nothing is crowded.

I was afraid Bob would wake up dying for a coffee and we would end up at some sad toasted bagel counter drinking hot drinks out of little paper cups.

I did the homework and found Hob Nob — a neighborhood favorite — and for good reason. It was a nice walk, adjacent to Wright Park, a place we planned to visit anyway.

It rained but just enough to be refreshing.


Hopefully more to come.

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