Not Waiting

A couple weeks ago, Timbers legend Diego Valeri was honored at the match. He did the coin toss. We were playing Columbus and their team captain, Darlington Nagbe is also a Timbers legend. Our captain, Diego Chara, you guessed it, legend. They all played on the team when we won the Championship. It was so sweet and wholesome to see all three of them there.

I think this person is my soulmate:

I Don’t Think Anything Is Worth Waiting In Line For But I Don’t Want To Seem Stuck-Up Either

Favorite quotes:

“But speaking for myself, I do not believe that anything can be as good as not waiting in line feels.”

and this:

“It is my opinion that no food, no experience, no exhibit can ever successfully compensate for the suffering and personal degradation line-waiting inflicts upon me, and therefore if a line ever gets in between myself and a desired encounter I immediately surrender and go elsewhere.”

Well, maybe not my soulmate in the full intention of this essay.

I don’t like to wait in line. It’s not snobby. I don’t mean like wait at the grocery store or at the airport.

But not for attractions like restaurants or museum exhibits.

Now that I’m trying to articulate it, I see that my personal stance is very particular and hard to explain.

I guess I just don’t see the point. Waiting in line to get into a packed restaurant where the servers are harried and you’re elbow to elbow and can barely have a conversation. How is this enjoyable? Same thing when you’re traveling and there’s some famous object and you get on a bus and arrive at the famous object and then join the throngs of people to see the famous object. Why is *this* object famous and not that object next to your hotel where there is no crowd?

I don’t get it. No judgement. I just don’t get it.

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