Survey Says!

Big bear at Tishawnik.

Twice in the past couple of months I have been asked to do a survey for an app I am already using and the survey asked me ‘how much would you be willing to pay?’ about 5 different ways.

Deer at Tishawnik.

Like how much would I pay for different additional features?

What would be the most I would pay?

If the app only cost x amount would I think that it was cheap and crappy? (My words.)

Am I supposed to be able to answer these questions? Especially when they are sprung on me in the middle of a survey?

I already feel like I am being monthly subscriptioned to death. There are extra features that I would pay for to use but I would not use the extra features enough to justify paying an even bigger monthly fee.

Also, pro tip: if you cancel a subscription, they always lure you back with a discounted rate.

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