Here’s another clip of Skunky out by the shed in September. Now we are getting a lot of opossum movement out there but so far I haven’t gotten a good clip.

TV Shows that you’d think I would like:

House of Dragons — watched one episode. Did not continue.
Ring of Power — didn’t even watch one. No interest.
Welcome to Wrexham — like way more than I even expected. Really good. Recommend. Don’t need to like soccer.

TV Shows I did not expect to like:

Reacher — haha. Watched one episode for curiosity and was hooked. Loved the cast and characters.
Star Trek : Strange New Worlds — it’s not that I expected to not like this as much as I didn’t expect to continue since my “to watch” list is so competitive. Loved it. Perfect to wind down after work. A problem is introduced at the beginning. In the middle things seem dire. By the end it’s all worked out.

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