Nine Episodes Planned, Part 2

I recently re-watched the prequels. Probably the first time since The Revenge of the Sith first came out on DVD.

The Phantom Menace is tolerable. The pod racing sequence is still fun.

Attack of the Clones is dreadful. That is the most poorly executed romance in history. It is completely implausible that Padme would fall for someone so whiny and demonstrably unhinged. I think you could have kept Anakin as a complex character and not make him such a weenie. It’s amazing those actors did as well as they did with the material.

Revenge of the Sith had a lot of terrible dialogue but most of the story is okay. There are some parts that I would have done differently.

I’ve seen all the new trilogy, VII, VIII, and IX — what would you call those? The Disney trilogy? I didn’t hate them but I couldn’t summarize them for you.

I’ve seen all the other movies and TV series except the animated stuff. I’d like to watch The Clone Wars series at some point but haven’t tried to yet.

Andor is spectacular. I feel like this is the series that we’ve been hoping for — serious show set in the same universe with new characters and conflicts.

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