Nine Episodes Planned, Part 1

I was an enormous Star Wars fan back in the day.

When the prequels came out I was at the height of my Star Wars fandom. I saw all of them over and over – when you had to go to the theater.

Plus the original trilogy returned to big screen, too, and I repeatedly watched those again.

I can remember spending afternoons watching one of the movies in one theater and then walking out and going into a different theater to see the next one.

It’s hard to imagine how I had so much free time back then.

I don’t remember doing any major rewatches when they came out on video/DVD. I vaguely recall watching all six in order probably as a holiday thing.

Another thing I remember is from way back in the earliest days of the Internet when you had to shovel coal in the oven to get the computer started.

This was even before the prequels. George Lucas said he envisioned the series was going to be 9 films. A prequel trilogy and a final trilogy. Someone on a Star Wars listserv (do the kids today know what a listserv is?) did the math and was thinking if it took 3 years per film how long it would take and how old he would be when it finished?


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