Radiology Awkward

I moved the bucket to the back of the yard. Look at these cuties brawling.

I had a test (regular medical thing, nothing to worry about) at the clinic and while I was in the waiting room I had to fill out a form on a clipboard.

Then while I was waiting I read a book on my phone that involves vampires, were-beings, zombies, and a human nurse who is dealing with some stuff.

When the technician arrived she held out her hand and I was so spaced out, I tried to shake it.

She pulls back so then I offer her my elbow. 😂 So then she offers me her elbow and I realize that DOH! I’m supposed to give her my form.

She takes me back to get into the gown and I somehow space out the entire instructions – couldn’t remember open in the front or the back. Left my underwear on.

I told her: I don’t know what’s wrong with me. I’m normally an A+ when it comes to following directions.

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